Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not even 3 feet!

for thanksgiving my grandma and grandpa came here from friend's family came too. on Friday we went to Ontario mills. it was so crowded i could just barely see 3 feet in front of me. we spent some money there than went to a furniture outlet store it wasn't NEARLY as crowded as the mall.then we went to NY buffet.we were about to leave and dad said "Marci,if you eat 4 octopus legs and i will buy you eldest.eldest is a book i started at my aunt's i ate the legs and got the book.on Saturday we went to the tide pools in point loma.


Sims Mom said...

Octopus legs!! I sure hope it was worth it.

Shelly Bear said...

marci i cant see a thing!!!!!!

shelby p.s its the words color

Leanne said...

its about three feet so u should say more about three feet. :)